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i wake up and i’m afraid bc oh no wtf did we do

i’m slightly drunk and i’m wearing a chacha the frog hat

Apr 15th

Lana Del Rey | West Coast (Official 1st single from the upcoming album Ultraviolence, stream it on VEVO to help the song on the charts)

Today my dentist asked me which middle school in our county I’d be attending next September and I had to tell him that in about two months, I’ll be graduating high school. 

i felt myself dying inside

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my favorite is when my mom tells me that I’m not going to make it in the world

lucy is not going to be a good feminist movie. 

yeah, there’s a powerful leading lady.

but hey! let’s also throw in a couple of bad villains that just happen to be poc, because that hasn’t been done multiple times!!

# text


listen I’m not saying that Scarlett Johansson’s response to Dylan Farrow’s letter was the worst one of them all, but do just wanna kind of gently/aggressively remind everyone in the midst of reblogging Winter Soldier shit that Scarlett Johansson is a rape apologist and is also starring in one of the most racist pieces of shit to come out this year, so maybe dial back your “feminist” glee about how “body positive” she is.

Ridin’ Ft. Lana Del Rey - ASAP ROCKY

what do you mean zayn’s your least favorite